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IP Address Location API

The IP address location API integration enables and empowers your website. You can lookup unlimited IP addresses in realtime from your website, blog or administration tool with laser sharp precision. Our database remains current, and that means you receive the most accurate IP location data available anywhere.

Integration is easy and fast. We resolve all the location data and also the ISP and the Organization of any given IP.

You receive up to 99.5% accuracy with worldwide coverage.

Our accurate IP location API solution includes the following fields: IP Address, Location ID, Country Code, State/Region, City Name, Postal Code (US and Canada only), Latitude, Longitude, Organization and ISP.

See sample row here.

You can also test our IP location API here.

Your individual API link will look like this:

Register for FREE and integrate our API in minute! In your login area you will find your API code / web service link, easy install instructions, and a ready to go php snippet. We have even included some bonuses like world country icon flags that you can use on your site. Another step in our customer's satisfaction.

More information can be found in our FAQ section.

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